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Bowel fistula

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Dr M Thornton (MD, FRACS, LLB), Dr F Conway (MBChB, MRCS, BSc)
Foundation Years Journal, volume 6, issue 7, p.12 (123Doc Education, London, July 2012)


Gastrointestinal internal fistulae are abnormal passages or openings that connect the gastrointestinal (GI) tract with another organ or space caused by trauma, disease or congenital anomaly. In relation to Crohn’s disease they specifically exclude perianal fistulae. Internal fistulae occur in 5-15% of patients with Crohn’s Disease and approximately one-third of these patients require surgery. There is a paucity of controlled data on which to base recommendations for the treatment of internal fistulae in Crohn’s Disease. We discuss a case of GI fistula.

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Dr M Thornton (MD, FRACS, LLB)

Consultant Surgeon,
Wishaw General Hospital

Dr F Conway (MBChB, MRCS, BSc)

Surgical Trainee
Wishaw General Hospital


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