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Epidemiology and management of oral cancers

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Mustansir Alibhai, Rishi Bhandari, Leo H H Cheng
Foundation Years Journal, volume 6, issue 3, p.52 (123Doc Education, London, March 2012)


A 65-year old man presented with a 2 month history of a painless ulcer on the left lateral border of his tongue (Figure 1). He is unsure as to whether he has bitten his tongue. He has used topical preparations without any effect. He has a past medical history of hypertension and ischaemic heart disease. He lives alone. He is a retired taxi driver with a 40 pack-year smoking history. He drinks 30 units of alcohol per week.

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Mustansir Alibhai

Specialist Registrar
Oral, Maxillofacial
Head and Neck Surgery
St Bartholomew’s & the Royal London Hospitals

Rishi Bhandari

Specialist Registrar
Oral, Maxillofacial
Head and Neck Surgery
St Bartholomew’s & the Royal London Hospitals

Leo H H Cheng

Consultant Oral, Maxillofacial
Head and Neck Surgeon
St Bartholomew’s & the Royal London
and Homerton University Hospitals


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