Foundation Years Journal

About the Foundation Years Journal

The Foundation Years Journal is a monthly peer-reviewed publication which seeks to be the pre-eminent journal in the field of patient safety and clinical practice for Foundation Years' doctors and educators. The journal welcomes papers on any aspect of health care and medical education which will be of benefit to doctors in the Foundation training grade in the UK or international equivalent. It delivers practical, informative articles tailored to the needs of Foundation Doctors.

Each FYJ's issue will focus on one or two specialties. Articles are 'case based' and cover the various essential sections to the training of junior doctors such as:

  • Good clinical care (syllabus section 1)
  • Good medical practice (syllabus section 2)
  • Training and teaching (syllabus section 3)
  • Professionalism in Practice (syllabus section 4, 5 and 6)
  • Practical procedures (syllabus section 8)
  • Test yourself

The journal will closely follow the Foundation Years syllabus defined by the MMC curriculum to provide the best educational value for junior doctors. Most good clinical care and acute care articles will be accompanied by assessment questions, giving junior doctors the chance to gauge their learning.

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