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Negatively marked questions please

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  2. Having just recently joined this site, I'm not sure whether the questions are usually negatively marked or not.
    It would make sense that considering the royal college marks the questions negatively, that we should be practising them as such.
    Do other subscribers agree with me? Can the moderator please address the marking of our questions.
    Many thanks

  3. Are you not satisfied with the current question format?

  4. I agree, the questions are not marked properly. Please review this to ensure it reflects the negative marking of the exam.

  5. Hi, I also agree that while the RCoA continues to mark the questions negatively, it would make sense for this site to also mark them negatively since it makes a massive difference to the scores and therefore the strategy of question-answering.
    This evidently hasn't received much attention in the last year but the College will continue to negatively mark until the end of this year...

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