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  2. hi there,
    any idea about when using EEG ,CT head in the investigations of epilepsy

  3. Hi There, well Radiological examination of brain is usually done when there is a focal neurological deficit ,focal neurological signs(in childhood seizures),focal seizures or there might be an EEG finding of focal deficit although there is no set rule.Some clinicians may also do a CT with a new onset seizure.CT or an MRI can be done in Status epilepticus if suspecting any pathology in the brain.
    Regarding ECG what i have compiled as a list is
    1. Status Epilepticus- For monitoring and also while administering drugs n both adults and in Neonatal seizures which might occur due to elecrtrolyte disturbances
    2. Pathology in the heart- If there is a suspeced pathology in the heart and it is causing loss of consciousness raher than epilepsy
    3. Temporal lobe epilepsy- Post ictal ECG is done to see effects of he epilepsy on autonomic nervous system as patient may develop post ictal complications like arrythmias
    4. ECG as routine in patient taking drugs and also suffering from epilepsy.
    Kindly note these are not prescribed cnditions but only clinical situations in which ECG can be done.Other than that two problems can co-exist so ECG can be done for any co-existing cardiac problem
    I hope this of help

  4. I am sorry.i thought you were asking about ECG and not EEG.
    EEG is one of the mst efficient diagnostic modality for Epilepsy.Although it might be normal when seizure is not taking place but it can be useful in supporting the diagnosis in the
    1. Interictal period by showing abnormalities indicating towards epilepsy
    2. Also it helps in classification of seizures and also selecting appropriate medication.
    3. In focal seizures
    4. In patients of epilepsy contemplating surgery
    5. Prognosticating seizure disorders(Normal EEG has good prognosis and any EEG having abnormal background or epileptiform activity may have poor prognosis)
    6. If a patient is having non-convulsive status epilepticus you cant diagnose unless an EEG is performed

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