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  2. what is the best clinical index to predict sudden cardiac death in hypertrphic obstuctive cardiomyopathy.?
    1.left atial enlargement.
    2.wall thickness greater than 7mm.
    3.systolic anterior motion of the valve liflets.
    4.non sustained ventricular tarchicardia.
    5.asymetrical hypertrophy of the ventricules

  3. asymetrical enlargement of the ventricles on echocardiography(the septum is more involved than the wall)

  4. i think that the Asymmetrical Wall thickness is not the best predictor of sudden death as new subsets of patients may have NO MUCH thickness like those with Troponine Gene mutation.
    Risk Factors for sudden death in HOCM are 6, one of them is Multiple Episodes of NON SUSTAINED VT on ambulatory ECG monitoring ,

  5. Out of the options listed, NSVT is the most likely; other risk factors include septal thickness more than 30mm, hypotension on exercise, & family history of sudden cardiac death.

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