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i need a female study partner for mrcp part 1..

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  2. i want a female study partner for mrcp part 1.. planning to give in sept this year..i m from in Abbottabad...v can study through skype.. plz help

  3. hi!i am giving mrcp 1 in may.we can study about it?

  4. thanks...may i know who is dis and from where? i will be giving in sept

  5. hi!sorry for d late reply..I am fatima.i live in the UK.

  6. ok sure so whts ur plan?

  7. study ohcm,finish a topic and solve the questions of d same on onexamination

  8. so h can v study togather?.....i m studying from Kalra MRCP notic

  9. I need a partner to prepare myself for MRCP Part1?

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