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mrcp ireland general medicine part2 written

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  2. dear friends , i am extremely hapto share with all of u, that i passed the mrcp ireland part 1 general medicine on 10 th may 2005 , held at manipal india. i thank u all for ur kind wishes..thay work for us
    i scored 82%, the minimum passing being 69%. the overall pass was only 25 %, about 100 out of 400 passed
    i intend to take the mrcp ireland part 2 general medicine written in december this year
    i am starting preparations right away
    i plan to join onexam plus 123 doc online courses, besides ordering several rcp books.
    ur guidance will be truly appreciated.
    dr Shehzad Topiwala
    Diabetology registrar ,KEM hospital mumbai,iNdia

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