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part 2 written exam

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  2. why do I find the part 2 written papers more difficult than the part 1 paper? Any tips as regards to effective preparation for it? Thanks

  3. surely, you would expect it to be more difficult, after all it is the final written exam towards MRCP!
    The questions are in general more clinical, they are usually long and descriptive, they tend to address a crucial clinical judgement scenario or a turning point in diagnosis. there are usually clues that are almost 'pathognomonic' to the answer which you have to pick up. this will come through practice.
    for eg; a 16 year old girl with delayed puberty, short stature and macrocytic anaemia possibly has coeliac disease (reflecting multinutrient deficiency and chronic malnutrition), here the 'pathognomonic feature' that differentiates between other causes (for eg, turner's) would be the macrocytosis.
    most of the questions have similar clues that clinch the diagnosis. it becomes very easy once you pick up on these clues.
    hope this is helpful

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