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  2. this is my first time taking the MRCS and I am really nervous about it especially with the new format. Can anyone give me some study tips that were really helpful to you. thanks

  3. hello
    which part u r taking ?
    part 1 or 2 ?
    if MRCS part 2 then i can help u.

  4. is anyone intserested in MRCS part 1 and 2 material..
    i have it and i want to sell it..
    write me at : bhavu76 @ r e d i ff m a i

  5. hi this is my choice as a good quality tab for you. it is running an older version of android as im not sure if ics can offer you what you need just yet but it is also updatable to ics if you require it. its a good tab at an affordable price with high specs from a trusted supLearn Arabic

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