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anyone appearing in PLAB1 on 3rd May in london

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  2. hey.I'm appearing on 3rd May 4 the PLAB1 in London.still feel so unsure.Any good advice?

  3. me too! i've started panicking now! i'm just doing lots of questions and hoping for the best!
    what about u?

  4. :?
    its in DIVINE hands now.
    have u done the oxford handbooks also or just the 123doc questions?

  5. well i only discovered this site yesterday so am slowly working my way thru as many qs as possible...been using both oxford handbooks, una coales, plab first aid, and another website but the qs there seem to be plab/mrcp level...
    what's this site like? do u think it reflects the standard of the exam?

  6. yeah,I think its worthwhile, but honestly speaking only the results will tell us that.Is this your first attempt?dont get offended, just that its not my first attempt, abd I've already used all the other aids that u've talked about.I just miss the cutoff by 4 marks last time.

  7. no offence taken..this is my first attempt...4 marks is a very narrow u mind me asking what happened the first time? was time a factor or were the questions of a different type/standard? and i'm guessing the aids i have weren't of much use?

  8. no no no...plz dont be disheartened...the aids u have are great...I've learned that PLAB 1 is also a lot about ur luck on the day of the exam...I know ppl who passed who just did the PLABdigest...THATS IT!!!
    Time was also not a factor coz I had been pacing and timing myself beforehand, so I had a few minutes to spare in the end.
    Sometimes the questions are just different from what u'd expect.
    They have started giving picture questions also now.Usually its just 1 or 2 EMQs mostly about derma lesions and u'll have that covered if u've been looking at the pics in the 123doc answers.
    Just practice as much as u can and pray for good luck :)

  9. hey LK if u plz guide me
    i ve given plab1 in this aprail 2008,i got 129 mark and pass mark was 130
    m so upset...
    can i get past plab papers from somewhere
    and which subscription u recmmoned? or
    i heard someone told that we kan find past plab papers in london is it so?m in birmingham

  10. hey im giving the plab on july 16th .... any hints on mcq books ??

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