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Experience from November 2012 exam

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  2. Hi,
    I have taken part in the November PLAB 1 exam. It was on new system of Single best answer type question only. All the question were about practical clinical scenarios. I am not quite confident about result but it was really practical oriented. It will be hard to take preparation for this type of exam, but those will find it easier who were regular in their words, and clinical attachments. I may be wrong.
    One more issue is time. It is really tough to complete the exam in time. Most of the candidates failed to answer 180 among 200 questions. Again, I may be wrong. So feel free to share your view. So that I can get idea about my lacking.

  3. Hi Mahmood,
    ru based in UK? need some advice regarding plab 1? what books u read? what material to be focussed on? are plab swamy notes helpful? please advise
    thanks a lot

  4. Dear Snow flake,
    yes, I am currently live in London, but from Bangladesh. I am still waiting for the result, so before that I don't think my suggestions is valuable or will be worthy. If I pass then I will tell you everything. However I admit that, I didn't follow swamy's lectures note or Qbank....Only OHCM, Devidson and practical experience from my job.
    here is some question from November....

    ** A 21 years old female in her first pregnancy at 38 weeks was brought to the emergency with a generalized tonic clonic seizure. Mgso4 given again fits.
    What is the single most important immediate management of this patient?
    a. IV MgSO4 repeat
    b. IV diazepam
    c. Immediate c section
    d. IV phenytoin
    e. IV lorazepam
    Ans: A
    ** A 50 years old woman who keeps bees has been stung many times by bees, but last time when she was stung she developed large itchy swelling that lasted up to 72 hours. What is the single most appropriate treatment for this patient? Iv line managed
    a. take NSAIDs after a bee sting
    b. 1:1000 adrenaline im
    c. 1:1000 iv
    d. take regular anti histamine tablets
    e. use anti histamine cream after a bee sting

  5. HI Mahmood,
    Did u pass the nov,'12 PLAB exam? What is ur response? Any suggestions?

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