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help needed abt PLAB-1

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  2. hi i'v just started my peparation of PLAB-1.... :? .......would welcome any adivces abt books or courses........ plez reply

  3. i have started preparation too.. but i dont know what to read and what to not. do share ur info please.

  4. i'm going to enter the PLAB 13th July! we can make a pool of discussion to understand our level and improve it! what do u think?
    my preparation just started! so i also need advices but we can share informations available!
    Mainly solving question is the key for the success! altough reading is important! let's see!

  5. hi
    howz everybody preparation going on?
    Even I have recently started preparing for july13 PLAB.
    Can I join your pool?

  6. [ :) hi! i am also preparing for plab on 13th july can i join your pool of discussion?from where all of you are solving emqs?my email id-vanitaprasad@yahoo.comjust post when all of you guys coming for online discussion,it will be a great help for all of us.thanks.bye

  7. [hi! could you please send me or help me in getting free emqs for plab 1.i am appearing on 13th text me from which website i can thanks a lot!

  8. I have just started a preparation for plab1 on the 23 sept 05,I NEED SOMEBODY TO DISCUSS THE QUESTIONS.COULD SOMEONE REPLY TO MY EMAIL????

  9. Hello,
    i'm also preparing for plab this year. Anyone could give us some info ?

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