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Some topics from PLAB 1 November 2012

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  2. This is collecting by sharing and net surfing.....
    A. Depression, Anxiety Psychosis
    B. Asthma and COPD op patient with constipation and vomiting....paralytic ileus treated for h.pylori has epigastric pain again...investigation
    3.psychiatry Qs regarding choice of drugs and diagnosis
    4. copd pt on medications had dyspnea abg values given..treatment
    5. postpartum lady with signs of depression.....dx
    6. lady with vaginal discharge....choose antibiotics
    7. Iucd thread not felt by pt nothing on usg.....what next investigation
    8. young lady with vaginal bleeding and dyspareunia...investigation
    9. Lady with amenorrhea and feeling more sick uterus large for dates.....dx
    10. Man with hematuria.....investigation
    11. 2 Qs on renal system with usg finding of small kidneys
    12. Young guy smoker with chest pain and dyspnea
    13. Trauma with ng tube coiled...injury to diaphragm
    14. Lady with trauma to sternum stable cleared and presents after a week with tender swelling in upper outer region of breast.....damn this one!!!!
    15. Elderly with confusion and retention
    16. GI complaint with anaemia and weight loss
    17. A couple of Qs on breast conditions and tamoxifen
    18. pancytopenia on investigations
    19. 2 Questions from statistics regarding frequency of Ca in a population and risk
    20. BP control for Africo caribean
    21. background noise hearing loss
    22. dvt 3cm increase in thickness
    23. ulcerative colitis
    24. crohns disease
    25.foreign body in the ear...bead
    26. OCD....cognitive therapy hypothyroidism..which feature
    28. diet...folic acid
    29. 24 hr abulatory ecg
    30. ECG...two different type
    31. lithium toxicity
    32 .pid empirical treatment
    33.which from thelist worries to refer for development
    Ans: social smile but no eye to eye contact
    34. nurse treating a patient with scabies has the same now..mechanism????
    35. already 2 8wks amnorrhoea...positive pregnancy...but it shows 16wks pregncy???
    os closed but signs of bleeding...more sickness compared to 2 pregnacies
    Ans: molar
    36. unpleasant after operation
    37.answered secure airway
    38. partial burn.....iv fluids
    39.boy collapsed during football...capillary blood glucose
    40.Spinal cord compression...MRI

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