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  • Anaesthesia Research Trust
    A charity dedicated to promoting understanding amongst anaesthetists of the importance of research to improving clinical practice. The Trust also disseminates information on cutting edge therapies in anaesthesia, intensive care and acute and chronic pain through its flagship National Anaesthesia Research Meeting (NARM).
  • Association for the Study of Medicine
    The association seeks to improve the quality of medical education by bringing together individuals and organisations with interests and responsibilities in medical and healthcare education.
  • Medical and Dental Defence Union
    The MDDUS is an independent and progressive indemnity organisation that is managed by doctors and dentists who are attuned to contemporary developments in medico-legal litigation.
  • PMCV - Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria
    The Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria is a non-profit association established to support the education, training and career development of hospital medical officers in their first two postgraduate years, and those in later years not in vocational training programs.
  • The British HIV Association
  • - The Polish Community in Great Britain
  • Quality Medical Publishing (QMP)
    Quality Medical Publishing (QMP) is a small, independent publisher noted for the quality of its publications and the reputations of its authors
  • Mediscript
    Mediscript provides medical educational literature to a broad spectrum of readership
    MRCP Revision Guide

Medical Resources

  • Pharmi Web
    Since 1999, has been bringing the latest news and developments in the pharmaceutical industry to a global audience, now reaching close to a quarter of a million professionals.
  • Medilexicon
    MediLexicon has the world's largest online database of pharmaceutical and medical abbreviations - over 200,000 and growing.
  • Medical Equipment Stores
    A huge range of doctors equipment, doctors tools and doctors instruments can be found in this comprehensive directory of doctors equipment stores.
  • BMA The British Medical Association
    The British Medical Association represents doctors from all branches of medicine all over the UK.
  • MRCS is your online exam guide to success. Learn all about the MRCS exams and what it takes to pass.
  • MRCP Part 1
    MRCP Part 1.Co.Uk is your online exam guide to success. Learn all about the MRCP1 exam and what it takes to pass. With the most recently updated content and news you can be assured of a stress free exam...
  • Grand Rounds online medical journal
    Grand Rounds is a database of clinical reports of interesting and original findings that present:
    • New clinical features of diseases
    • New surgical complications
    • Unusual presentations
    • Complex cases, which present misleading data
    • Unusual pathological data
    • Unusual images


  • MRCOG Survival Courses
    Designed to help you pass the Membership Examination of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Offering both Part 1 and Part 2 courses, this website offers revision and lectures for the MRCOG exam.
  • Teale Fenning Medical Education
    The UK's leading MRCOG exam courses.


  • fastPACES
    The place for all matters related to passing the MRCP Part 2 exam. This website offers MRCP Part 2 resources such as journal reviews, candidate information and MRCP senate information. A very good feature of this website is that it has a counter on the homepage which counts down the time until the next MRCP exam.



  • Medical Student Magazine
    Medical Student is a free newspaper for all of London's 10,000+ medical students.
  • The Medicine Publishing Company
    The Medicine Publishing Company produces a family of review journals presenting current medical knowledge and ractice in a structured 'curriculum'
  • Hammicks BMA Medical Bookshop
    The Hammicks BMA bookshop is a specialist medical bookshop working in partnership with the British Medical Association (BMA).
  • Medfools
  • Maney Publishing
    Maney is one of the few remaining independent publishers of quality
  • Medical News Today
    Medical News Today is the largest independent health and medical news website on the Internet.
  • The Operating Theatre Journal
  • The Foundation Years Journal
    The Foundation Yeas Journal is a monthly peer-reviewed publication and the pre-eminent journal in the field of patient safety and clinical practice for Foundation Years' doctors and educators.
  • The Core Surgery Journal
    The Core Surgery Journal is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed publication, brought to you by a talented and experienced editorial board.

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