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123Doc a good learning platform?

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  2. Hi
    Could anybody recommend 123Doc as a good learning tool?
    The web page looks interesting but I am not quite sure if I should subscribe

  3. 123 Doc is an excellent resource. It is harder than onexamination. I used several websites and they all have their benefits.
    The tutor interaction on onexamination is far superior to 123 Doc, also the spread of questions is strange with almost 5 times as many neurology questions as dermatology or nephrology. The top ten is good for motivation, although I would like to see a raised threshold for the minimum number of questions answered.
    All in all though I would recommend it to anyone studying for their part one.

  4. I would highly recommend this course. If you master 123 past exam questions and you are scoring between 55% and above then you have good chance to pass if you are scoring above 60% then you will highly likely to pass (95% Chance to pass but please don't qoute me on this).

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