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hi any one ready for an online discussion for plab1 july 05

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  2. anyone preparing from delhi preparing for 13th july 2005 plab 1 and ready for an online discussion on yahoo messenger please contact. we can share info. books and materials on plab.

  3. :lol: Hi glad to hear you are preparing for plab part 1. I would be more than glad to discuss with you online. I am infact taking my exams in may. Get back.

  4. hi! glad to know that you are preparing for plab on 13th july. i am also in delhi and giving exam on same day.which books you are referring for emqs? i am preparing from plab digest by atish mathur&first aid for plab & emqs from onexamination .com.what is your way of preparation.if you want we can come for online email id all the best.if you have qemqs of plab held in march.please tell how to get.thanks.bye

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